Why The Hell Am I Creating a Blog Again?

Because I love writing! It’s just what the world bloody needs, right? đŸ˜’Another wanky blog. I’ve had a few blogs before, mostly dedicated to football (aka soccer). The latest one documented my attempt to become a software developer. I loved that blog. I’ll try to bring some of those old posts back to life. But what matters is that I’m back to it. I miss it so much!

There won’t be any writing goals. I’ll write when I feel like it, brainstorming-style, with very little editing. You’re likely to find typos everywhere. Please feel free to let me know so it doesn’t look like I’m (totally) illiterate.

I have a vague idea of what I want to write about: Dev things. My intention is to write content that will be useful not only for beginners, but for those who have been learning for a while and still haven’t broken into the industry, and for those who are trying what I’m trying: to become a senior dev.

In the day and age of Chat GPT, where a lot of the written stuff feel AI-heavy, I pledge to make this blog HUMAN. Authentic. With as little filters as possible. I hope you enjoy.